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Sunday October 25th 2020


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Ghosts of Yankees Past: Is Bernie Williams a Hall of »

He was a Gold Glove center fielder, a four-time World Champion, a batting title winner, and a fan favorite for the biggest, most important baseball team in the history of baseball. So, let’s ask: Is Bernie Williams a Hall of Famer?   Statistics: Career Ranking Amongst Center Fielders Perhaps the best place to start this analysis would [...]

Derek Jeter: How One Player Can Be an All-Time Great »

Cal Ripken, Jr., is one of the most celebrated players in baseball history.  Practically the Patron Saint of the state of Maryland, Ripken was beloved by home fans and road fans alike.   Towards the end of his career, fans would flock to the ballpark in droves in order to catch a glimpse of what was palpably a living legend. Why? [...]

2,800 Hits and 1,600 Runs: More Reasons for Jeter »

Perhaps the baseball gods have intervened. Perhaps he did it on purpose. Perhaps I’m making too big a deal out of this. Derek Jeter has not scored a run in six straight games, which, for a guy who scores constantly, and did score a run in eight straight games earlier this season, is probably one of the longest stretches of his [...]

Derek Jeter and the Greatest Lie Ever Told »

Read Adam Rosen's article on The Top 21 Moments in Yankees History.   It is a fun read, and who doesn't love reminiscing about the Yankees?  Unfortunately, Adam takes the opportunity to propagate one of the great myths about Derek Jeter—that he once made some incredible play where he dove into the stands to catch a ball at a [...]