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Saturday October 31st 2020


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MLB Free Agency: Top 5 Foreign-Born Player »

The MLB has benefited greatly off of imported talent.  A recent wave of Japanese and South American players have taken the game by storm.  Today, about 27% of MLB consists of foreign-born players.  Great talents like Hideki Matsui and Ichiro were established already in Japan.  They still were able to make an even bigger name [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: 7 Reasons Why Cliff Lee Will Be a »

Cliff Lee is a phenom on the mound.  With the ball in hand and the crowd going bananas, Lee oftentimes shines.  His prowess as a big-game pitcher is no longer questioned, despite another World Series loss for his team, this time the Texas Rangers.  The one team that has long coveted this stud lefty is the money-powered New York [...]

MLB Rumors: 10 Players Who Won’t Be Headed to »

Year in and year out the New York Yankee empire becomes increasingly more evil.  Free agency often serves as the building block of their star-studded team.  It's nearly impossible for any of the other 29 teams to compete with their money and so great talent is lost to the Yankee Empire. Their 2009 spending spree of CC Sabathia, A.J. [...]

MLB Rumors: Ten Places Derek Jeter Could Play »

Derek Jeter is currently a free agent.  He's one of the greatest New York Yankees of all-time, so just the words "Jeter" and "free agent" in the same sentence is an interesting pairing.  Though Jeter appears to be staying put, it's shocking that he wasn't offered a deal before this.  This shows just how crazy things have gotten with [...]

ALCS 2010: Five Ways the New York Yankees Can Get Back »

The New York Yankees are all but out of their ALCS match-up with the Texas Rangers. With the exception of just a few innings, they have been dominated throughout and should have been swept.  Their dramatic comeback in Game 1 is the only reason that they're still in this series.  Now they will need more of that comeback magic to [...]

ALCS 2010: Top Performances Through 2 Games »

The Texas Rangers could very easily be up 2-0 on the New York Yankees right now and quite frankly should be.  They blew a huge opportunity on Friday night and they know it.  These MLB Playoffs are all about seizing the moment and making the most of your opportunity.  While the Rangers have done that well thus far in October, they [...]

ALDS 2010: Ranking The Performances »

The Yankees again proved to be the most playoff-efficient team of all.  They bullied Minnesota right out of their own home early on and then finished them off in the Bronx.  An all-around dominant performance from the Yankees shows that they will be tough to beat once again in these playoffs.  There may be only one team that could [...]

MLB Playoff Schedule 2010: The Five Hypothetical »

The Philadelphia Phillies are associated with the month October.  For the past two seasons they have been the Kings of this month without much adieu.  They now boast the top pitching rotation in the field and already owned one of the game's best line-ups.  A line-up that still hasn't hit its stride yet this season. This post-season [...]