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Saturday October 31st 2020


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Derek Jeter Has Still Got “It” »

My hometown Detroit Tigers wrapped up a series today against perennial powerhouse New York Yankees and as the final game came to a close, I came to the strong realization of how high of a level Derek Jeter is currently playing at. In other words, Derek Jeter has still got "it." What "it" is remains to be seen, but the Yankee great is off to [...]

The Top 5 Setup Men in Baseball »

It's the closers who get all the recognition, but these guys are the ones who keep the leads intact or the games within reach.I am talking about Middle Relievers. If a pitcher gets knocked out of a game in the sixth, seventh or eighth inning then these are the guys the manager calls on.It is quite possibly the most underrated statistic in [...]

Baseball in Brazil: A Summer Abroad Without »

Just as The Tigers have recently found their home atop the American League Central standings, I too find myself becoming more and more accustomed to the large metropolis that is Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a skyline robust with buildings and city streets boasting some of the finest coffee and baked breads that I have ever known, I am living a summer [...]

2011 MLB All-Disappointment Team by Position »

With Baseball's 2011 campaign almost one-third of the way through, I decided to compile a list of the biggest disappointments this season, thus far.From players who signed huge contracts in the off season to players who have seemingly lost everything they once had that made them great, here is my All-Disappointment team by position. * This [...]