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Why Robinson Cano Getting ‘More Realistic’ »

Hey, you can't blame Robinson Cano for dreaming big. The up-until-now New York Yankees second baseman is a free agent, after all. Dreaming big is what free agents are supposed to do. To dream small is to lowball oneself, and one should never do that. But Cano and his people aren't going to get what they want. You know that. I know that. The [...]

The Top “A-Rod” Moments in Alex »

Alex Rodriguez had the opportunity to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time.  He had all the talent in the world, with one scout saying Rodriguez was better at 17 "than all the superstars in baseball were when they were seniors," as reported by Buzzfeed Sports' Matt Kiebus.  The fame and money caught up to him, however, and [...]

Yankees Rumors: Free Agents Bronx Bombers Must Pursue »

The New York Yankees are going through an identity crisis, but these free agents could help them head back on the right track. While most teams would actually have to suffer a losing record to consider their season a complete, utter disappointment, the 85-77 Yankees missed out on the postseason for the second time in 19 seasons, which is enough to [...]

New York Yankees Considering Reuniting with Raul »

He was the hero of so many games for the New York Yankees in 2012, and now, 41-year-old Raul Ibanez may be heading back to the Bronx. According to George A. King III and Ken Davidoff of the New York Post, the Yankees are considering offering Ibanez another contract this winter. This comes one year after the team let him walk following a [...]

Why Alex Rodriguez’s Appeal Is Slowing Down the »

A few weeks into the offseason, the open market isn't quite yet, well, open for business. The biggest name to sign a deal with a new team is...Tim Hudson? The former Atlanta Braves pitcher, who agreed to a two-year, $23 million deal with the San Francisco Giants on Monday, is a perfectly fine get for a team that's been on the lookout for [...]

Why Jhonny Peralta Is a Great Fit for the New York »

For the New York Yankees, he could be Jhonny on the spot. Bad joke aside, Jhonny Peralta in pinstripes in 2014 does, in fact, make a lot of sense. While the 31-year-old has played shortstop primarily in his career, he also has experience at third base. The left side of the Yankees infield—really, the entire infield—is in flux, and the [...]

Why the New York Yankees Must Sign Masahiro Tanaka »

The New York Yankees finished the 2013 season with a record of 85-77, which was good for fourth place in the American League East.   Thanks in large part to injuries and old age, New York missed the playoffs for only the second time in the Wild Card Era.  Last time they missed the playoffs, we watched as the organization went on a [...]

Predicting Where New York Yankees’ Top 5 »

The New York Yankees are eyeing several big-name free agents this winter, but signing all of them certainly won't be easy for general manager Brian Cashman. Of their top five targets, maybe only one or two of them will end up signing with the Yankees. Some of the Yankees' top targets will be heavily courted by other teams as well. The Yankees are [...]

New York Yankees: Pros and Cons of Top Offseason »

This offseason the New York Yankees expect to be a very busy organization.  Following a season in which they failed to reach the playoffs for only the second time since 1995, changes will be extensive and rumors as to whom GM Brian Cashman is pursuing have been a daily occurrence. This article will take a look at the five most talked-about [...]

Playing Sign or Walk with the New York Yankees’ »

Expect the New York Yankees to be at the epicenter of everything free agency this offseason. Not only are they the franchise with the most money to spend. They also have extremely large holes to fill. The Yankees will be a possible landing spot for what seems like just about every top free agent available on the market. Plucking the right guys in [...]

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