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10 Signs New York Yankees’ June Pitching »

June seems to be the month when the New York Yankees put it all together.  Their offense is blasting home runs, the bullpen is holding down leads, and the starting pitching is dominating opposing teams.In the month of June, the Yankees have only lost five games out of 23 games so far.  Some may think this hot streak is a fluke and that [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: Garza or Dempster, Who’s the »

With the mid-point of the season close at hand and trades already being made (Kevin Youkilis), the watch is on as to who the New York Yankees may attempt to acquire for the second half run.It has been no secret that GM Brian Cashman's philosophy is that a team can never have too much pitching.  The 2012 Yankees certainly reflect that strategy [...]

New York Yankees: Why Team Must Begin to Reload After »

As we near the midpoint of the MLB season, the New York Yankees sit in their familiar spot atop the AL East standings, with a mark of 45-28, four games ahead of the Baltimore Orioles.While the Yanks have been red hot as of late, and much of the credit needs to go to their pitchers. Their starters have been great and a bullpen that has lost Mariano [...]

MLB Cheating: As American as Apple Pie and Hot Dogs »

The hidden ball trick has gone to the ultimate level. When New York Yankee outfielder Dewayne Wise did not catch the ball after going over the short wall in an effort, the umpire Mike DiMuro ruled it was a fair catch.  The Wise guy faked the notion that the ball was in his glove and quickly trotted off the field, having ended the inning. It [...]

Robinson Cano: Is He the NY Yankees’ Greatest »

The New York Yankees are the most successful baseball team in history, and the franchise's all-time All-Star squad could take on any grouping of Hall of Famers in a Field of Dreams fantasy scenario.At almost every position on the field, they had one of the all-time greats, from Babe Ruth to Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio to Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford to [...]

Dewayne Wise Fakes Catch, Umpire Misses Call as »

In yet the latest call that will undoubtedly reignite the instant-replay debate, an umpire has missed—nay, blown—a call whose level of clarity and obviousness rivals that of Tim Welke's missed call in Colorado for the biggest missed call of the 2012 MLB season.To say that third-base umpire Mike DiMuro's missed call in New York Tuesday [...]

New York Yankees Retired Numbers: Who’s Next? »

Ever since I started writing the Retired Numbers Series, I have simultaneously been looking forward to and dreading covering the Yankees.I’ve been looking forward to them because of their interesting history and their long list of candidates to see numbers honored.I’ve been dreading it because of the sheer volume of players to cover. [...]

Why Robinson Cano Is the One New York Yankee Who »

You can credit the Yankees' recent surge to interleague play. You might argue that the long ball has paved the way to the team's rise to the top of the American League East and the best overall record in the league.And you have to tip your cap to the pitching staff, where the starters have been consistent and pitching deep into games while the [...]

5 Reasons New York Yankees Are in First Place for Good »

The New York Yankees stand atop the American League East as July is right around the corner and although it's still early in the season with the second half yet to be played, the Bombers aren't going to get knocked off their first place pedestal anytime soon. It's true the Bombers are living and dying by the home run in 2012, but that's something [...]

Does Yankees’ Rafael Soriano Deserve to Be a »

Twelve months ago, no one could have foreseen the present Yankee bullpen before us. After recording his best year in the majors, Rafael Soriano swapped AL East uniforms and joined the Yankees in 2011.  His 45 saves in 2010 with Tampa had catapulted him into a setup role and a lucrative $35 million contract. Much was expected from the [...]

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