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Brian Cashman Divorce: Wife Files Paperwork After »

A tumultuous offseason for New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has gotten worse as his wife, Mary Cashman, has filed for divorce in the face of her husband allegedly engaging in an extramarital affair, according to the Associated Press. The woman with whom Cashman allegedly had an affair, Louise Neathway, has been charged with stalking [...]

Yankees Lineup Projections, Part 4 of 9: Jeter’s »

Signs of aging were prevalent last season for Derek Jeter, as his first half left much to be desired.Jeter hit .270/.330/.353 prior to the All Star break and was batting .257 with just two home runs on the day he collected his historic 3,000th hit.He had a remarkable second half, however, hitting .327/.383/.428. He finished up the year with a [...]

New York Yankees: Consecutive WS Games Winning Streaks »

After sweeping the Chicago Cubs in the 1932 World Series, the New York Yankees had a 12-game winning streak in the Fall Classic.  Previously, the Yankees had swept the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1927 and the St. Louis Cardinals in 1928. The "experts" were certain that the Yankees would repeat as pennant winners for the next few years, but as is [...]

Yankees Lineup Projections, Part 3 of 9: Why Cano Will »

It may be too early to call Robinson Cano the best second baseman in Yankees history, but he should certainly be considered one of the best.The title of best second baseman in team history most likely goes to the great Tony Lazzeri.Lazzeri sports a career slash line of .293/.379/.467 with 169 home runs and 1,154 RBIs in 12 seasons wearing the [...]

New York Yankees: GM Brian Cashman Claims Extortion, »

Deadspin.com reported yesterday that New York Yankees executive Brian Cashman had a relationship with a woman named Louise Meanwell (also knows as Louise Neathway). According to the website, Meanwell had a voicemail, a recorded phone conversation, a deposit slip and a recommendation letter on Yankees letterhead from Cashman. According to the New [...]

MLB Recap: 9 MLB Busts in Recent Memory »

While big free agent signings can be the dominating factor in a fan’s excitement about a team’s upcoming season, the thought of an electric prospect or those new acquisitions taking said team to a championship is the oh-so-sweetest thought of all.  So when those players—who have produced expectations of glory, maybe through [...]

Yankees Trade Talk: 10 Teams Who Need Some of the »

After the New York Yankees brought in the likes of Hiroki Kuroda (free agency) and Michael Pineda (trade), they find themselves with excess pitching. It's a problem most teams wish they had and it's exactly the problem the Yanks currently have.On the block are both A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes.Hughes is the more attractive piece of the two. He's a [...]

Yankees Lineup Projections, Part 2 of 9: How Teixeira »

After being stealthily courted by the Yankees prior to the 2009 season, first baseman Mark Teixeira instantly made a huge impact on the team. He signed an eight-year, $180 million contract that would having him manning first base for the team through 2016.Teixeira gave Yankees fans what they had been missing since the departure of Tino Martinez, [...]

Banzai Babe Ruth: The Yankees Great Believed That He »

It wasn't arrogance and it wasn't ego, although Babe Ruth could be arrogant and he certainly had a tremendous ego. No, it was naïveté. Ruth was convinced that his visit to Japan during the fall of 1934 had sealed the friendship between the Japanese and the Americans enough to forestall any war between them. When the Japanese attacked [...]

New York Yankees: The Greatest Players of the Greatest »

In the 111-year history of the New York Yankees, no other team has won more World Championships (27 - an average of one every four to five years).  In fact, no other franchise in any sport has been as successful as the Bronx Bombers. To achieve such success, an organization has to have a wealth of talent and a long line of great managers [...]

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