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Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees: New York Must Not »

Major League Baseball's two most followed teams are the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. It wasn't that long ago that the Yankees' fans were laughing at the late-season collapse and subsequent panic of the Boston Red Sox.Now, turnabout is fair play, as the Yankees have now had two straight seasons without winning a World Series, which is an [...]

Alex Rodriguez and 5 Yankees Who Cost Team World »

New York's Alex Rodriguez swung and missed, Detroit's Jose Valverde danced and the Yankees' quest for World Series No. 28 was officially postponed to 2012 as the Tigers captured Game 5 in the Bronx.After performing well enough down the stretch to earn a spot on the postseason roster, Jorge Posada hit .429 in the ALDS. You certainly can't pin the [...]

New York Yankees: 4 Places Joe Girardi Went Wrong in »

For the second straight season, the New York Yankees failed in their pursuit of a 28th World Series title.This time around though, the blame falls on manager Joe Girardi and his questionable choices.While execution on the part of the players is essential, Girardi's job is equally important. His responsibility is to put the best personnel on the [...]

6 Questions the New York Yankees Need to Address for »

It’s very hard to describe a team that has a payroll of over $202 million as a group of overachievers, but that word properly sums up the 2011 New York Yankees.After they were defeated by the Detroit Tigers (who, let’s face it, were the all-around better team), the Yankees suddenly have to answer some major questions.Here are several [...]

MLB Playoffs 2011: Yankees Fans Win Statistical »

How ironic that a film extolling the virtues of using a statistical approach to winning baseball games was released at about the same time as the 2011 New York Yankees-Detroit Tigers playoff series started. Billy Beane’s philosophy is based on the premise that on-base percentage and slugging average are two of the most vital statistics. In [...]

MLB Playoffs 2011: 10 Questions Surrounding the New »

The New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers will resume their American League Division Series Saturday night at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. A heavy rain halted the much-anticipated pitching matchup between the Yankees' CC Sabathia and the Tigers' Justin Verlander, so for the rest of Game 1, Yankees fans will be treated to Ivan Nova and Doug [...]

Tigers vs Yankees: NY Must Take Advantage of Justin »

Mother Nature handed the Yankees a gift on Friday night when torrential rains ended Game 1 in the middle of the second inning. Now they have to capitalize on this gift by getting to Doug Fister.This is no easy task but one they must accomplish. Otherwise, they will be staring at the possibility of having to win three out of four games, with one of [...]

ALDS Game 1.5 Preview: 4 Reasons Yankee Ivan Nova Will »

All season long, Yankee followers have been bombarded by story after story bemoaning the lack of starting depth behind C.C. Sabathia. The reason? Well, the Yankees don't really have that much starting depth behind C.C. Sabathia. With that said, though, they do have a potential wild card in Ivan Nova, the young righty who passed a number of more [...]

Yankees Chances of Advancing in the Postseason Will »

For the Yankees to advance in the postseason they are really going to have to hit. What helps them get to the ALCS is that they have home-field advantage. The Yankees offense has done an incredible job complimenting and helping the rotation. CC Sabathia has proven to be the only sure thing for the rotation thus far. He was pitching [...]

Yankees-Tigers: Live Updates, Analysis and Instant »

Welcome to Bleacher Report's live, ongoing coverage of the American League Division Series between the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees.Last night, Game 1 was rained out after the top of the second inning and as per baseball's new rules, we will start tonight's game where we left off—tied at one with the bottom third of the Yankees [...]

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