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New York Yankees: Mariano Rivera’s Slump Not a »

ESPN seems to go crazy whenever Mariano Rivera blows a couple of saves, as he did last week.  But here's why it's not a big deal.For one, there is only one person who has gone a season as a team's major closer without blowing a save.  That was Eric Gagne the year he won the Cy Young.  And he was juiced.Consistency is an important [...]

MLB: Derek Jeter Would Never Do What David Price Did »

Ralph Branca and Bobby Thomson did it for about 50 years and now David Price is playing the role of Branca to Derek Jeter’s Thomson. Vince Lombardi  said it best. “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” Baseball once was more than mere entertainment. Today, the players belong to the same union. Their [...]

MLB: Mickey Mantle Was Almost as Effective as Craig »

In most situations with runners on base and less than two outs, hitting into a double play is the worst result for the offensive team. Most batters who hit the ball sharply hit into the most double plays even if they possess great speed. In 2011, Adrien Gonzalez, who does not have great speed, has hit into 25 double plays to lead the American [...]

10 Free Agents New York Yankees Must Show Interest in »

The feeding frenzy that is the MLB off-season often brings blockbuster drama and expectations for teams and newly acquired players.  The New York Yankees are usually in the middle of this calamity, always looking to pick up new pieces to an always-tricky puzzle as they reload for a new season.  This winter will likely [...]

Why AJ Burnett Must Be Bounced from the New York »

To me, the decision for Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman of the New York Yankees has to be easy. Allow Phil Hughes to remain in the rotation and show what he's got. On the other hand is AJ Burnett.AJ Burnett has failed to record a win since June 28. Over a month and this guy still can't get a win with one of the most prolific offenses in the MLB. [...]

MLB Round-Up: Future at New York Yankees DH Position »

These past few days have been interesting for the New York Yankees. Alex Rodriguez is starting his return to the team, hitting a home run in his first at-bat. Jorge Posada had a stellar performance as the starting DH today against Jeremy Hellickson of the Tampa Bay Rays, collecting three hits (including a grand slam) and six RBIs.What are the New [...]

Jorge Posada and Phil Hughes Are Looking In, While »

Jorge Posada came back in a big way for the Yankees tonight. He went 3-5, had six RBI, and hit a grand slam.Phil Hughes posted six solid innings, giving up only two earned runs and four hits.This outing all but secured his spot in the rotation. A.J. Burnett was supposed to be C.C. Sabathia's No. 2 pitcher this season, but now [...]

Babe Ruth’s Courageous Actions on Behalf of the »

Sometimes, Babe Ruth had to become serious. It wasn't always fun and games.The issue of the Adolph Hitler massacres of tens of thousands of Jewish civilians was so compelling that Ruth had to act. The killings were not random events. On Dec. 17, 1942 the U.S. and British governments confirmed that fact, but that was all. There was no talk of any [...]

MLB & New York Yankees: Brian Cashman’s »

Brian Cashman is in the final year of his current contract as General Manager of the New York Yankees.Some hope he will resign.Quite possibly, more are praying to whatever Gods they believe in that he does not. No matter what side you are on when it comes to Cashman, one cannot easily dispute that during his tenure, which started in 1998, the [...]

MLB: Babe Ruth and Judge Landis Expressed Contempt for »

Following the 1921 World Series, New York Yankees slugger Babe Ruth formed a team of major league all-stars that would barnstorm around America. Ruth and the players needed the money. Before free agency, most players worked during the off-season because they needed the money. Baseball players earned only slightly more than most Americans and some, [...]

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