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Andy Pettitte Throws Bullpen Without Pain »

Via the LoHud Yankees blog: Andy Pettitte felt good after a 25-pitch bullpen session, but he did not try to throw at 100 percent effort. That was at the urging of the training staff. The greater test will probably come in his next bullpen session — most likely Sunday or Monday — when he might be able to push it a little [...]

New York Yankees’ Title Hopes Ride on Return of »

Looking back, it's astounding to think that the Yankees ever let Andy Pettitte get away.He's only been the guts of every championship rotation the franchise has assembled in the past 15 years, after all. Not to besmirch the dead, but Pettitte's regrettable sabbatical in Houston fell directly on The Boss, who never did fully appreciate what the [...]

Yankees Notes: Girardi, Wood, and Laird »

The Yankees had an off day yesterday, so there really isn’t a whole lot of news going on. Andy Pettitte is throwing a bullpen this afternoon, which is critical to the Yankees season, but we haven’t gotten an update on that yet. As soon as there is something, I’ll let you know. Here are some notes: There have been a lot of [...]

Where Are They Now? 2005 Yankee Heroes Shawn Chacon »

As soon as media outlets started reporting that Shawn Chacon was traded to the New York Yankees for two prospects, reporters and critics started to rip the Yankees apart. They claimed that Chacon was just going to hold up in the Yankees rotation for a bit like temporary starters. Enter Shawn Chacon vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the [...]

All Eyes On Andy Pettitte »

Andy Pettitte will throw a bullpen session on Friday in Chicago to test his strained left groin. Pettitte has been on the DL since July 20 when he strained his left groin in a game on July 18 against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Originally, Pettitte was going to be out for 4-5 weeks, but Andy was targeting three. During his rehab process, he was [...]

Phil Hughes Closing in on Inning Limit: Will He Start »

New York Yankees' starter Phil Hughes is closing in on his pitching limit, which seems to be around 200 innings. Hughes, 24, has currently pitched 140 and 2/3 innings this year. At this rate, he would have to miss one start before the start of the playoffs if New York makes it (which they probably will). He is currently 15-5 with an ERA of 3.90, [...]

New York Yankees: Is Mark Teixeira Having a Good Year? »

Here's your River & Sunset question of the day: Is Mark Teixeira having a good season?Many of his statistics would say absolutely. He ranks top five in the American League in home runs (28), runs scored (94), RBI (91) and walks (73). He's on pace for 36 homers, 117 RBIs, and a career-high 121 runs, all while playing a Gold Glove-level first [...]

2010 MLB Playoff Race: Are the Philadelphia Phillies »

Everyone knows what it means: your team is flush with money and run by talentless slobs, who can make up for an inability to develop high quality talent within the farm system by simply buying other team's high quality talent.   You are the evil empire, pricing every other team in baseball out of the market for the best players in the game. [...]

New York Yankees Send Phil Hughes To Finish Off »

After losing the first game, the New York Yankees demolished the Blue Jays at home in Toronto on Tuesday night. Marcus Thames, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Curtis Granderson, and Mark Teixeira all homered in the affair. Wednesday night’s game determines the series; both teams want to win but are on very different paths. The Blue Jays have a [...]

Will Lou Pinella Join Mentor Billy Martin on Hall of »

With his retirement now as a player and manager complete, Lou Pinella will wait for a call from Cooperstown as one of this generation's most successful managers having won 1,835 games with five major league clubs. A World Series-winning manager with the Cincinnati Reds in 1990, Pinella won six divisional championships in 23 seasons including a [...]

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