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Consistent Inconsistency: What Should The Yankees Do »

After A.J. Burnett signed a five year 82.5 million dollar contract, the Yankees expected front of the rotation performance from the former strikeout king and at times, Burnett has been just that; A consistent, above average strike-thrower. But often he has been erratic and inconsistent. It could be merely inning to inning—and that has been [...]

State of the New York Yankees: August 5, 2010 »

Speaking in present terms, yesterday afternoon's game in the Bronx may have been one of the biggest games for the Yankees this season. If you haven't heard yet, Alex Rodriguez finally hit his 600th career home run, snapping his 0-17 hitless streak after 12 straight games without a home run.  He also became the youngest player ever to join [...]

Alex Rodriguez: Baseball’s Anti-LeBron »

Quick question: Which baseball player do you hate the most? Whether you are a Red Sox fan, Mets fan, or you hate baseball and only know players who frequently are on TMZ, your answer is likely Alex Rodriguez. Hell, many Yankee fans will agree with you. It is fascinating how one player can alienate so many sports fans. Even Barry Bonds, at [...]

Alex Rodriguez Hits Number 600, but Nobody Seems To »

The effect of the steroid era and the constant investigations that ensued were certainly evident after today's Yankees-Blue Jays game. Alex Rodriguez reached a precious milestone today against the Toronto Blue Jays in the first inning, but the home run is hardly receiving the same amount of attention that sluggers such as Barry Bonds [...]

New York Yankees Needed 600, Not Just A-Rod »

The second place New York Yankees were on the brink of getting swept by the Toronto Blue Jays.  This would have been the second series loss in a row for the reigning champs and the timing could not be worse for a slump to begin.   Yankees fans were worried, because Alex Rodriguez's struggles at the plate were affecting the whole [...]

Alex Rodriguez Hits 600th Homer As Yankees Salvage »

He didn't want to wait another day. Alex Rodriguez didn't want to have to enter an off-day on Thursday answering more questions about why it was taking so long to hit his 600th career home run. The Yankees, meanwhile, didn't want to lose another game. They didn't want to be swept at home by the Blue Jays and carry a four-game slide into [...]

Mr. 600: Will A-Rod’s Contract Be the Worst in »

On Wednesday, August 4th 2010, Alex Rodriguez became only the seventh player in Major League history to hit 600 or more home runs and the youngest player in history to reach the 600 home run mark.   Minutes later, no one really cares.   Rodriguez is one of the premier faces of baseball's steroid era. As an admitted user, his stats will [...]

A-Rod Joins 600 HR Club: Does Anyone Care? »

Watching Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th home run should have been a big deal. It should have been another milestone for the man who could eventually shoot past Mays, Ruth, Aaron, and Bonds on his way to becoming the all-time home run king. However, while watching it live...there was never that feeling of this being something special. In New York, [...]

Alex Rodriguez Hits His Career 600th Home »

Alex Rodriguez took a 2-0 pitch in the first inning of the August 4th game versus the Toronto Blue Jays, and drove it out to Monument Park in center field of Yankee Stadium for his 17th home run of the season.  Oh yea, it was also his 600th career home run! After 46 homer-less at-bats in between 599 and 600, A-Rod becomes the seventh member [...]

Alex Rodriguez Finally Hits His Historic Home Run »

First and foremost, a congratulations is in order to Mr. Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez for becoming the youngest player in MLB history to hit 600 home runs. What an accomplishment. In the first inning of today's game on August 4, 2010 Alex launched a home run to center field, and launching the monkey and pressure off of his back with it. He [...]

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