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Research Shows A-Rod Has Slowest Home-Run Trot on the »

The media has found another reason to rip Alex Rodriguez. Out of all New York Yankees, A-Rod is the slowest to round the bases after a homerun. The Wall Street Journal recently published its findings after examining the homerun trots from 2009 and through the start of this year. What did they find? The following is their graph of the average trot [...]

New York Yankees Visit the President for the First »

The New York Yankees were greeted with open arms by President Barack Obama at the White House. The last time the Yankees visited the president at the White House, Bill Clinton was in office and Barack Obama was a nobody on his way to stardom. Now the two are at the top of their leagues. The Yankees have won all but one of their series so far since [...]

Busted! Which Current New York Yankee Will One Day »

Yankee Stadium will always be the baseball capital of the world. It separates itself from the pack in so many ways: roll call, history, noise, and most of all, Monument Park. Being carved in Yankee stone is an honor that rivals the Hall of Fame. Only 25 Yankees (26, including Jackie Robinson) have found their faces on Baseball's Mount [...]

Three Weeks In: Grading the New York Yankees’ »

The Yankees are off to a great start at 12-6, but that record is primarily in spite of their offseason moves, not because of them. New York made two big trades this past winter, while swapping out two free agents for two new ones. Let's see how those moves are working out three weeks into the season. Curtis Granderson for Austin Jackson, Ian [...]

New York Yankees, Javier Vazquez: Next Start Might Be »

Yesterday I wrote that New York Yankees hurler Javier Vazquez could turn around the fans that weren’t on his side with a pair of strong performances this week. He needed a win Sunday to soften the home fans leading up to his next home start this Saturday, but instead he’s only given the boo-birds more ammunition and probably even [...]

Joe Girardi Makes More Questionable Moves as Yankees »

It’s April 26, and the Yankees have dropped their first series of the season—not bad. The problem is that for the second time in a week the team’s manager, Joe Girardi, has made a couple of questionable moves that may have cost the Yankees the game.   First Questionable Move The first one may be his insistence on using [...]

Yankees’ Prospect Christian Garcia Gets Tommy »

According to Josh Norris, Yankees prospect right handed pitcher Christian Garcia has undergone Tommy John surgery for the second time in the past four years. Garcia is actually one of the most talented pitchers the Yankees have in the minor leagues. He’s even been compared to Phil Hughes favorably. The problem is that he has suffered [...]

Charting the New York Yankees’ Home Run Trot »

As if baseball isn’t over-analyzed enough, David Biderman of The Wall Street Journal wrote about data collected by Marquette University that recorded all the 2009 Yankee home run trot times. What they found out is that slugger Alex Rodriguez not only circles the bases most often, but he also rounds them the slowest. He is followed by Nick [...]

New York Yankees: Is Javier Vazquez The New Chien-Ming »

Vazquez has now pitched 20 innings, just under half of Wang's 42 last year. Otherwise, their statistics are eerily similar. Both of them have ERAs in the 9s. Vazquez's FIP, or sabermetric ERA, is 6.32, actually higher than Wang's 5.38 was. (FIP is a formulated "ERA" that uses home runs, strikeouts, and base on balls as inputs.) That's mainly [...]

Battle of The Blogs Update: DGS Squeaks Past Lady »

Battle of the Blogs Fantasy Baseball. Double G Sports took the overall win against Lady Loves Pinstripes but it was a nail biter. For most of the week, Double G Sports had a commanding lead over the fellow Yankees fan. As the week went on however, Lady Loves Pinstripes closed the gap and caused Double G Sports to get nervous over the weekend. I [...]

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