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New York Yankees Prospect Profile: Zach McAllister, »

Zach McAllister was born on Dec. 8, 1987 and grew up in the town of Chillicothe in Illinois. He was drafted out of high school by the New York Yankees in the third round of the 2006 draft. When drafted, McAllister's size stood out. The guy is just built like a starting pitcher. He stands 6'6" tall and weighs 230 pounds, although his weight has [...]

A Field Guide to Yankee Fans for the Rest of Us »

Some pests are hard to get rid of. Like Yankee fans. As anyone who follows American League ball can tell you, they show up in droves at opposing ballparks whenever the Bronx Bombers visit. With their charming ways, chainsaw accents, and oh-so-gentle demeanor, they continue to be ambassadors for the civility and "live and let live" attitude [...]

Are The Yankees Really Interested In Jayson Werth For »

I've never heard so much talk of rumors and speculation about a free agent class before. The class of 2010-2011 already has had a ton of speculation surrounding it. Now Jayson Werth's name is being added in. Werth has finally caught on as an emerging star with the Phillies and will be in the final year of his contract in 2010. Werth will then join [...]

Let’s Call It Like It Is With Joba »

When Joba Chamberlain took the mound in his first major league appearance, he piqued everyone's interest. The Yankees hyped him up as a special pitcher. Chamberlain backed it up by pitching well in relief for the first few weeks of his callup in 2007. For good measure, he earned a standing ovation from the fans and respect from his teammates for [...]

Hit and Run: Jayson Werth, Another Cut, Rings, and »

Joba Chamberlain got his first taste of action as a reliever this spring. He had a save in today’s 2-1 win over the Detroit Tigers. Here is some other news on a nice Saturday afternoon: The Yankees may have an inside track on signing outfielder Jayson Werth next season thanks to Reggie Jackson’s relationship with his family. Jackson [...]

Waite Hoyt and His New York Yankees Uniform »

Waite Hoyt won 22 games for the 1927 New York Yankees. Hoyt spent 10 seasons with the Yankees, winning 157 games before being sent to Detroit in 1930. Although he played for many teams, including the three New York teams, Hoyt was a Yankee. The Cocky Chicago Cubs In 1938, Waite was pitching for the Brooklyn Dodgers against the [...]

Jesus Montero: Where Does He Project? »

When you see Jesus Montero step to the plate, you see more of an NFL linebacker than a baseball player. The 6'4'', 225 pound, 20-year-old catcher hails from Guacara, Venezuela. Signed as a 16-year-old by the New York Yankees in 2006, Montero was tagged as the heir to Jorge Posada—high standards for just a teenager. Declared the best player [...]

New York Yankees News And Notes »

Believe it or not, the New York Yankees have had a very quiet offseason. There has been nobody busted for steroids, the manager isn’t on a short leash, and there is no drama surrounding the team. And in other news of the bizarre, the University of Kentucky has dropped their basketball program. Just because the Yankees have had a quiet [...]

Why Carl Crawford Will Not Be a New York Yankee in »

Too many articles talked about Joe Mauer heading to free agency after this season and signing with the Yankees. That was never going to happen because of Mauer's native roots and his homegrown status of being a Twins first-round draft choice and first pick overall.* * Do you think the Twins feel good that they did not take Mark Prior first [...]

The Yankees as Superheroes »

On an everyday basis during the baseball season, the Yankees make me believe in the impossible. They make me feel strong. Whether it is crushing a 400 foot home run or throwing a 99 MPH fastball, it’s almost as if the Bronx Bombers possess powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men. Simply put, the Yankees are my superheroes. Then I [...]

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